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5 Facts – why you need wooden spoons in your life

For me as a person focusing on natural and old goods, wooden spoons are a must have. Not only are wooden spoons better for cooking to keep the original taste of the food – it’s also a very good feeling to hold a handle made of wood and feeling the connection to nature.

The spoons made of olive wood keep you happy for many years and the more you use your spoons the more of a personal look do they get. The spoons get prettier the more you use them. Here are some more advantages that you should weigh out before hesitating too long

  1. The use of metal can damage pots and other cooking utensils by scratching off the protection layer.

  2. Additionally could metal utensils such as silver or copper spoons have an effect on the taste of the foods due to the nature of iron binding its own taste to the foods.

  3. Another very helpful aspect to take into consideration is that wood doesn’t heat up while cooking since it doesn’t channel heat or electricity. While when forgetting the metal spoon in the pot makes it impossible to touch it afterwards there won’t be such a problem with your wooden option.

  4. Health wise is wood also taking the lead by being gentle to the teeth and mouth area simply because wood is softer than plastic or metal spoons. To introduce wooden Forks and spoons to little children is save way for a child to start eating solid foods without harming the new and still soft developing teeth.

  5. Many people also argue whether metal and plastic release toxic particles into the food that can have longterm effects of ones health where as wood doesn’t release anything but rather absorb the food into its structure of the wood.

I can’t emphasize enough that introducing more natural materials into your life would only benefit you in any way possible. The use of materials that are organic and simple can be a great addition to a healthier life and an overall awareness of the impact those items can have to ones conscious decisions what food print to leave behind.



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