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Second-hand Capsule wardrobe?

Everyone Loves Shopping. Most Of All Do People Love To Go Shopping When The Clothes Are Cheap. But What If I Told You That You Can Have Cheap Clothes With A High Quality Of Textures And An Outfit That Will Be Unique?

Second-Hand Shopping For Me Personally Combines High Quality Clothing For Amazing Prices And A Style That  Not Only Fits But Hugs A Curvy Body Figure. Imagine A Warm Welcome From Fashion Telling Your Body That  Your Hips And Breast And Thighs Are Respected And We Celebrate Your Womanhood. This Is What I Get From Second-Hand Shopping.

Since I Started To Actually Buy Used Clothes I Am More Aware Of The Amount Of Clothes I Had Sitting Around In My Wardrobe That I Wasn’t Wearing At All. I Am More Aware Of The Decision Whether To Buy A Piece Of Clothing Or If I Don’t Need It. Once I Realized How Many Amazing Clothes Already  Are On This Earth Without Any New Mass Production And Bad Working Conditions I Could Be Happier And They Look Even Better! It Seemed Impossible. The More I Found Key Clothing Pieces That I Bought Consciously I Started To Reduce My Wardrobe To A Minimum But Therefore Replace Clothes That Weren’t That Good With Items I Am Totally In Love With.

This Leads Me To Another Aspect, Namely Finding Your Colors And Fashion Style. Whilst Searching For Clothing Pieces Second-Hand I Stumble Upon Clothes From The 1960 All The Way To The 2000 And I Enjoy Mixing All The Body Figures That Were In Style With All The Different Fashion Pieces. I Realized That I Love Earthy Tones And Textured Comfortable And Soft Clothes That Arent Too Tight. Brown Or Earthy Tones Really Glow With My Type Of Personality. I Am Sure You Fill Find Your Own Style And Your Colors As Well.

Soon Enough You Will Find Your 5 Favorite Shirts And Your 4 Most Loved Tees And Your 3 Pairs Of Jeans That Fit To All Occasions. That One Pair Of Shorts You Don’t Want To Ever Take Off. I Found This For Myself And With This Introduction I Show You My Key Pieces That I Mix And Match  And Feel Amazing And Great In All The Time!

Here Are Mine All Together (Without Shoes)




One thought on “Second-hand Capsule wardrobe?

  1. Due to sudden changes in my spending situation, I’ve had to dive into a lot of second-hand and thrift stores in my area. I’ve got to say, Macklemore was right. I may not be finding a lot of slim-fit jeans (got to get those retail, I suppose), but at least the top half of me can walk out looking on-point since I’m mostly a t-shirt kind of guy.

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