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Himalayan Salt Lamp – the Benefits

Natural products that improve our health are the ones we all should strive for. The Himalayan salt lamp is one of those products that not only look pretty and add an earthy touch to your home but also have a lot of health benefits that make it worth buying it.decoration examples

Lets start with the facts:

  1. When the lamp is lit and the salt heats up from the light bulb it naturally releases some of the salt in the air. 
    • It helps with breathing problems such as Asthma because the salt purifies the air by cleaning it from cigarette smoke dust and pollen.
    • The salt sucks the water vapor from the air and turns it into a salt Crystal, giving the air a sea air smell to it that is proven to be good for the airways
  2. During the evaporation process Salt Lamps emit negative ions into the air which can neutralize Positive ions that are created by all electronics in the house such as television, Telephone, Kitchen utensils and Radio but also naturally by Bacteria, Allergens and airborne mold.
    • Negative Ions are important to neutralize the Positive ions that surround us everywhere and have a negative impact on our health causing migraines, allergies and even depression.
    • Negative ions occur in the nature and can be created by Natures strongest forces such as
      Waterfalls, Lightning storms and even Sunlight. These therefore can neutralize the positive ions through the lamp.

Many claims seem to lead towards more health benefits with the Himalayan salt lamps but the truth is that there is not enough studies out there and that people will always find a counterpointHimalayan salt lamp example to everything once they look for it.

But to have a pretty lamp that is made out of a natural chunk of sea salt is one of the great gifts nature gives us. This lamp is very  individual and natural, so that not one lamp will ever look like another which gives it a personal touch. The lamps can vary in
size, shape and color. One lamp could be a bright orange or pink but it’s also possible that the lamp has a deep purple pink color that will give the room a very warm and cosy look and its a great piece of decoration.


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