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A blast from the past – Daddy knows best


Sometimes when my Father is deep in nostalgia, he takes out all the old photos from when he was young. He talks about all the things he did, wanted to do and everything he wanted  to be.

Usually when I am lucky and it happens to be one of those days,  I get to know my father better as an individual person, not just as – DAD.

I love to hear his stories of how everything was different and people were more real. But Yesterday was a special day! My father showed me pictures I have never seen before and they were amazing! He must have been barely 18 and his outfits so amazing that i was really proud to say that he is my dad. His Style is everything i strive for and i want to accomplish with my Second-hand clothing lifestyle.

He now is officially my Fashion idol, with his natural outfit compositions and cool style!

The pictures and his Fashion sense look exactly like everything American Apparel tries to accomplish with their clothing line



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