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Awe – how life feels sometimes

Awe     Is the word of todays daily prompt.

Before I started to write this i really had to make sure i do understand all the emotions that are in the word “Awe”. – Fear and wonder also respect and admiration.

Fear is one of the strongest emotion people can have, Fear protects us from the outside world, but at the same time it breaks down the walls of our protected inside. Fear numbs me and stops me in the moment. Fear can flush over me and leave me behind like a shipwreck. I hate fear and I need fear, and sometimes fear is an individual person within me that controls me without me fighting it. 

Wonder is one of the opposite emotions –  more positive that equals out Fear. Wonder leaves me full of joy and energy for life and fills up my whole body with love and excitement. Wonder is such a weird feeling and cognition at the same time, that when I feel it: this rare moment that only once in a while shows up and leaves me breathless, I get excited for life and journeys and i am just plain thankful to be on this earth and being part of this weird thing called life!

Respect on the other hand is another way of protection, namely the one protection for your integrity and control of what happens. When i gain respect i feel empowered, untouched and good enough or even better. Even though i strive for this feeling,  in its deep core its one of the more bad emotions that can be within a person, because it has the power to separate me from the person i am communicating with and puts me on a higher level where i can’t be touched. At the same time can’t get the connection  with the person i am interacting with either.

Admiration is a very positive and simple emotion that can change people into striving for the same feeling or achievement over and over again and with that it moves people forward to become better or push the limits a little further.

Together the word Awe Is a feeling I feel everyday!

It’s so complex that most of the time when it happens it leaves me behind like: the wind blows through my hair and I am swimming in the ocean and its cold and hot, i don’t know where i am and i don’t want to know at the same time.

It’s so different to most of  the more simple or pure feelings, still exhausting and beautiful. The feeling of Awe Makes me feel alive. It makes me FEEL. I can feel myself, I can feel my surrounding and I can feel that something happens to me and i don’t know where it will end. But i will enjoy the ride till the end till awe is over and the Rollercoaster has stopped. And i think back to that moment and say to myself:

Thank you my body and mind for letting me experience this Feeling and all these emotions. Thank you world for letting me be part of this wonder and letting me be a little more full of understanding and not understanding  a little longer.”



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