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Simple pleasures of life – trust yourself

People always say do what makes you happy.

the world is a strange place where however we look at life on this planet we have different opinions, different views on life and basically everything that can be different is different because every person is unique. In life so many individual struggles happen that we can not explain to ourselves or to others!

We just have to float on and see what happens next, whether its destiny or karma or you believe nothing is controllable, everyone will still move on.

Pleasure is something that unites individuals and the need for happiness, satisfaction, joy and all the good things that keep us going. That is why Pleasure is a core Feeling that every individual will experience at least once in its life. Every person even starts as a little baby with crying for comfort or crying for hunger and with that understands the pleasures that come with satisfaction.

I had to learn that I am creating my own reality and with that my own happiness. But to get to the point i do believe that we all create our own pleasures. Naturally at birth we learn to be fascinated by new things. This pleasure for life is very important for an individual to develop interests in the world and to grow and understand.

Even though we will never have the true recipe of how life works we understand as babies that we can make life more comfortable by doing the things that give us pleasure.

Feelings can be copied and learned as well. When a baby or a small child sees that another kid or grown up develops or takes pleasure in something that might seem stupid or simple at first, it would try to copy this style of living my choosing to enjoy something and get the pleasure out of it.

I don’t know how but in life with all the busy weeks and works and social life we forget to take time for something that makes us happy or satisfies our need for pleasure to treat ourselves.

So lets all try to involve some simple pleasure in our life and be like a child.

The picture on top of this page is my little nephew who takes pleasure in watching the washing machine spin for an hour and he doesn’t get bored. Lets all make life a little more enjoyable and find pleasure in whatever we do.IMG_3867


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