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Amber – Natures secret present to you

Amber is one of the top leading healing stones known all over the world.

Did you know? Amber is a resin that became a fossil over hundreds of years.


Its characteristic color extends between a warm brown to a yellow honey color but also varieties of green and blue can be seen in this special ” Stone”. Many people are hypnotized by this present from nature. Not one single stone will ever be like another. This has to do with the unique surrounding that shapes every single amber. When looking inside the stone we can find different particles of nature enclosed in the Amber stone even  Bugs, Leaves, and parts of soil and  flowers can be found enclosed in amber stones that are time witnesses from before there was human kind.

People with brown to green eyes and golden-bronze skin tone can bring out the true color of amber and the stone in return will let you glow and bring out the earthy complexion and warm vibes they already send out.

cropped-356936a42c4aa5487d688564d066bb621.jpgAmber is one of my favorite jewelry stone to go to with my light brown hair and my yellow-bronze skin I feel this natural touch grounds me and brings out my connection with nature. Amber stones go well with earthy colored clothing of whool or patterns that have a slightly brighter or darker brown tone than the jewelry itself

Amber also has some healing properties that have been known for hundreds of years. It’s commonly seen that little children will wear necklaces of little amber splinters. because amber can bring strength and protection to children and help protect them from sickness. When rubbing  amber stones we can statically load it with energy and in return our hair will load up with electricity which proofs the strength this stone can give individuals in an everyday life.

The amber stone shines with special inclusions of great knowledge. its  primordial energy, the fascination of past times and power to withstand even adverse influences is time resisting. Even Thales of Miletus or for example Pliny the Elder from ancient Greece were designated as truly devotees of amber. Depictions of bygone days will prove that Amber holds a high level of protection. It is supposed to protect its wearer from pending danger and even warns its wearer.

I can strongIMG_0060ly recommend wearing amber as a piece of jewelry! You will see how many compliments you will get and how different you feel also because –

you know that what you wear is a natural gift from  Earth passed on to you from long time ago and found by someone randomly and now is in your hands. You will not know what is enclosed in your stone and maybe you will never know how old it is but it will share its secrets          with you I promise



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