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Good Coffee and even better Cafés

I walk around the streets of Hamburg just to have some time to myself and reflect on the day, the time of my life, how I feel and what i want to do next. While deep in my thoughts a turn into the wrong street and Stop immediately. I turn to the right and there is this beautiful local Cafe. I look into the windows and try to find out what this cafe wants to tell me. Whats your story? what is your style of being? and what kind of feeling do you want to give me?

I slowly walk inside and start smelling the coffee roast. It smells dark and like chocolate. Not the sweet milky chocolate but the dark 80% strong chocolate grown ups love to eat. I look around and check out the interior design, the furniture the owner chose. Whats the story? What do you want to give me and how do you want me to feel?

I walk around and see a little  minimalistic style with wood and white it kind of reminds me of a Land-house style the kind a perfect family would live in. I see pictures and photos on the wall every single one is special and a statement on its own and together even more amazing, AAAHHHH this cafe represents home and a cosy feeling with the coffee that is smooth and dark . It comforts me.


Taken by me – Heißstraße 96 Cafe Glück und Selig

I order my coffee –  the usual a Flat White

I sit down to soak in the feeling of home with a nice coffee that’s strong and warm. I stay there as long as I need to understand why this place is so special to me and why i feel a certain way in here. The owner wanted to create a place like home for people who don’t feel like home ever and wanted to share the experience.

I love coffee

I enjoy my coffee even more in a place where I get a special feeling that comes along the taste of the coffee roast. Coffee can taste so very different depending on the cafe I drink it in and can give me such different feelings and tastes every Cafe has an own interior design with which they want to invite me into their lifestyle of the coffee culture as I call it.

Coffeee tastes only the way it tastes because i am reminded of what it should stand for like the place I drink it in. Its magic. I find so many pretty and clever and even weird details in Cafés that make them unique. I differentiate between Hamburg and Budapest though because I know that I myself feel different in these 2 countries therefore is my perception also different.

I thought I share some with everyone, because it might happen that i never find the same Café ever again.


taken by me – no coffee for the coffee addict but a fresh lemonade


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