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My little Ginseng Tree – and what it stands for

I always wanted to have a tiny tree as soon as I heard of the Bonsai Trees. I thought i could have some nature at home. A tree that’s all mine. I will take care of it and love it and it will be my piece of nature no one can destroy.

I started to study these trees a lot and found out that most of the bonsai trees are actually ginseng trees.  It actually belongs to the fig tree-> it’s another species of the Fig Tree. And the Name Bon-Sai is the Japanese word for the word tree in a pot. 

I bought one and they are easy to handle as well. Just water them and keep them in a bright place but make sure it’s not in direct sunlight…. that’s all. The perfect Bonsai tree for beginners, If you put the Ginseng tree in a bigger pot it even will grow to a bigger tree but it grows slowly so make sure to only put it in a new pot right after winter and you will only notice a difference in size every year or two.

There are a lot of instructions out there on how to crop the branches and leaves but in my experience the Bonsai is happy with just being watered. I personally use a Spray bottle and spray some water on it every other day but other people say its enough to water it twice a week.

See? its such a simple little friend! that’s thankful and just there to make you happy without needing much.

And that’s all your personal little tree will need. Take care of it! I think of mine as my personal little responsibility to give something back to nature, even though i am a very mindful person and i try to do my part with the nature that surrounds me already.

That is exactly what my ginseng tree stands for the happiness of nature, the simple beauty of it and last but not least that the nature is our responsibility since we are the ones who destroy it and this way –

I can see how thankful trees and every part of nature is and that makes me thankful in return”


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