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Why i can’t fight my stubborn sometimes

If we were having coffee i would tell you a story about my confusing Stubborn mind and it would start like this…

I don’t know if this is a girl thing or a human thing or a general individual thing, but I am very stubborn in certain parts of my life.

My new task is to feel comfortable in most situations so stubborn doesn’t kick in.

How do I do that?

well, I have to be in my inner center, be my own best friend and let other people know how I feel without attacking or avoiding.

Being assertive is the key.

Gaining respect from people by letting them know where your boundaries are. I think stubborn only happens when people are frustrated with the way other people treat them. Especially when other people treat me different from what I want and I don’t know yet how to change that because I can’t figure out the feeling or situation that made this happen – stubborn kicks in.

Therefore the best thing for me to do is constantly reflect within me whether I like whats happening around me, also what I can influence in the situation and how to be so deeply in touch with myself that I respect, love and stand up for me without being emotional aggressive or unsure.

I practice that everyday and sometimes I make a huge jump forward and get better with myself and others, sometimes I stay in the same state for a while and sometimes I take a step back but I am okay with all of that because this is a process so isn’t this what life is about?

I found my ego that can constantly moderate between emotions and rules or strict thoughts in my head.

I guess this is what growing up is about and I am proud of myself and the way I treat myself.

When I am in connection with myself I feel calm and irrational emotions don’t even surface. Its like soothing waters versus a big storm.

Another thing I experienced is that when I am in my middle and feel totally okay with what I do and how i feel, people around me tend to see my strength and they enjoy me as much as I enjoy myself. Sometimes they even comment on me being so calm and so clear in my head. I like forgiving myself and encouraging myself

that was a quick thought, hope you liked it

have a good day





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