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Milch -the hidden treasure

Today when I walked around my City – Hamburg , I found myself walking around the harbor with the amazing view of the Elbe – a river floating calm and strong at the same time. I turned around the corner to enter the Portuguese district with all the Portuguese café s, loud people and the streets are crowded, everyone knows everyone and it smells like home cooked authentic food.

It’s a different town within Hamburg that I really can’t compare to anything else and i don’t want to either.

I walk through the street amazed by every detail of real that hits me on the way and takes my breath. All the sudden I come to a halt and realize that i am standing in front of a Café
that is a little minimalistic without trying and cute.

IMG_0394The name of the Cafe is Milk in German – Milch. I walk inside with my old camera in tow and look around the tiny Café that is so different from everything else in this movie like scenery. It hit me right there, I finally found a new treasure Café to add to my list of secret places that make me feel whole and entirely good about life and me and everything around it.

The coffee is strong and I could choose between the fruity espresso flavor and the roasted chocolate type.IMG_0393

Without hesitation and everyone who knows me will immediately answer like I did “the Darker chocolate” the roasted and hot and burned dark chocolate flavor is so me that if I could be reborn i would want to be that coffee flavor. ..

Which story did the Café tell and what message does it want to share with the world?

In my opinion this café felt like a little child trying to understand the robust and stable world of families and friendships

with the name Milk expressing the basic and natural upbringing of the child that gets lost in details a little to easily. Simple, authentic, real and just there to be played with.

So let me share my pictures and you decide if you want to find this treasure on your own



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