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Djerba Hood Streetart

I went to Djerba on holidays and it was very authentic.

Djerba is an island of Tunisia. The island has a little town called Djerba hood where 2 years ago  was a street art festival taking place in which a lot of street artists from all around the world and mostly from Tunisia or morocco came and drew or stenciled or taped their art on the old houses of this little town, or even village I would call it. This little hood has the name of the festival Djerba Hood. In it you can expect the typical features of Tunisian streets. They are tiny and enchanting with beautiful doors and a simplicity that sets the tone of the whole experience. The people of the town are mostly elderly tending to their sheep and goats and farming. Basically a natural healthy life of a community that is in tune with nature their lives and happy with what they have without ever craving more than they need. So let me show you some of the streets art that is randomly on almost every house. The diversity of the art is amazing and as unique as possible I would say



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