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Torrefaktum interior love

As I already said in my sticky post about my coffee addiction and my favorite espresso type here comes the post about the actual Café. It’s a not only a Café but also a coffee roasting factory inside. You can get the freshly roasted coffee on the spot while still drinking your morning espresso to wake up. When I found this place i was convinced by the actual interior because it is pretty much what i am looking for in a coffee Manufactory/Café.

How it feels inside: whenever I go there to sit down and have a little time to myself and get grounded again the interior tells  me a story of robust woods that have been there some 100 years.

I think the character of the café is more of a : “don’t tell me anything because i have seen it all and have been through it already” type of feeling.Old and wise but with a simplicity  and minimalism that is expected and valued by most people in 2016. The smell inside is of pure coffee its an earthy smell, its warm and strong. Like a grandfather talking about his childhood and getting excited again.

If we were having coffee at Torrefaktum I would tell you about how my morning felt, how it looks outside, how I feel about life and at what point in life i am right now.

I would ask you about what you learned this year and how much you went through that should make you proud right at this moment. It would be a morning in autumn. The sun is shining and you can see your breath in the cold air and it feels absolutely amazing. That Morning we would see clear and life would be not confusing but comfortable to be in.

So go check out this special spot in the heart of Hamburg and enjoy some time on your own or with someone who makes you feel yourself a bit more.

Adress: Bahrenfeld Straße 237, in 22765 Hamburg



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