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Autumn colors constellation with secondhand items

Good Morning everyone!

Its my Birthday this morning and for me my birthday (16th September) means the beginning of the Fall season and the color variety from white to dark brown and burgundy red. Cosy Patterns and soft and warm clothes that hug you and protect you from the cold wind. As you might know by now do i love to shop second-hand. But not the kind of second-hand store that sells the mom jeans for 40 euros and the winter pullover for 20 euros just because they know that it’s in style right now.

These stores have a selected style they want to sell as a lifestyle choice meaning that all the girls that spend day and night on Tumblr or any similar webpage want to identify with people who stand out with their clothing style so they feel special.

I on the other hand love the second-hand stores where 70 percent o the clothes are really just from old grandmothers or people who loved their clothes many years and decide to give them away because they have to many memories.

To get back to the topic I usually go to these kind of second-hand stores and everything is insanely cheap! My autumn clothes collection doesn’t change every year. I usually just replace one or two pieces with new ones. Every single piece of clothing you see on the clothing rail was under 10 euros most of them even just 1 or 2 euros. I do love to have my clothes color coded so its easier to decide what color I feel like and how the day feels. The pieces on the rail are everything I wear all winter so it’s a kind of minimalistic wardrobe but every single piece is selected with love and feels 100 percent me.

Maybe this is an inspiration for you to go and search for the pieces that reflect your personality and really feel like autumn/ winter to you on a very low-budget. This way you know that your clothes are only yours and not a trend that everyone wears and also you wont need a lot clothes because you can mix and match them individually.

Some of the clothes you might recognize from my earlier post of building a capsule wardrobe second-hand style.img_0600



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