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Plants – my army of best friends

Todays sticky post is about my love for plants and my army of plants in my room. I can recommend everyone buying small plants because it not only freshens up your room and cleans the air. Also it’s so much fun to watch them grow and change their shape and it just  feels like a pet but its way easier to handle.

Everyone can have some plants or flowers depending on their time management and skills with plants. You should find out what type of person you are and how much effort you want to put in. Me for example I have mostly Cacti since they only need watering every week or two with a water spray bottle and not too much sunlight. I also have a ginseng tree but that one has an own story.

Lets get back to the cacti army and the other plants. Generally I would say plants are very exciting because of the huge varieties in color, shape and texture. You can also change the effect of your plants by choosing the right pot that fits your rooms colors or you can use it as additional decoration. I like my pots very natural and some even used kind of rustic. So let me introduce my friends and maybe you find them as pretty as I do and decide to become a Parent or friend to your own plants.

By the way, somehow I feel like whenever I look for an addition for my plant family I choose plants that fit physically and shape wise to my old ones because I want them to become friends and it would seem wrong if they are too different to become friends or integrate the new plant to the existing friends group.This is the reason  why I believe its kind of like building a family of your own just with plants since they are dependent on me to some extend.

My plants have very different sizes and shapes which make them unique.

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