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Authentic Blades – Some tips and tricks

I know I haven’t written a blog post in a long time. I have been wanting to write this  post for some time now. So here we go

When I was still in Hamburg I went to an organic farmers market that sells basically everything from fruit and veggies to sheep skins and wool and what not. The last time I went though I found a new little stand that was selling knifes that looked pretty simple but old and robust, just the kind of thing i love. I was standing there with some other people surrounding that man who was selling the knifes explains to us that these knifes are handmade in Vietnam and how sharp and efficient they are. At first i thought that the knifes look really pretty but they will probably be super expensive. But NO! not at all my small knife was around 8 Euros and the big ones around 15 Euros. So i recommend everyone buying these knifes they are super fun and make a cool present.

He went on with explaining how to sharpen a natural knife

well basically you just flip over a ceramic/clay plate or ceramic/clay mug and use the rim of the back side of the plate/mug which will be pure ceramic or clay without a protection layer on top. Then you take the knife by the handle and in a sideways slightly backwards motion you sharpen the knife by pushing it backwards kind of away from yourself. Then you turn the knife around and do the same with the other side.

If you use the knife on a daily basis it is recommended to sharpen the knife every 5 weeks

It sounds complicated but I will include a YouTube video so you see how its done at the end of this post. It’s really simple

He went on explaining how to tighten the handle around the blade again in case it loosens over the time of using it daily

Since the handle is made of simple untreated wood you just leave the knife in a glass with just enough water in it to cover the handle. So put the knife in the glass with the handle first because –

and this is where it gets tricky the blade itself can’t touch the water. The blade is all natural steel and it’s not stainless! So every time right after you use it you have to clean it and dry it all the way or it will start to rust.

One last tip from the expert

To seal the handle from molding and getting all used up just drizzle some olive oil on one hand and massage the oil into the wooden handle. This way you will have a smooth comfortable handle. You can repeat these tricks whenever you feel like it.

These tips can be used on any other knife that’s natural as well of course!

The brand I bought is called Authentic Blades. It’s a German company. When you go onto the homepage it redirects you to online sellers. You might have to use google translate to navigate around the homepage since i couldn’t find a button to switch to english unfortunately.

and now have fun getting your own knifes fixed

skip video to 1:55 mins


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