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woodsoul -laptop cover

For my birthday I got a laptop cover made of chestnut wood. I have never heard about anything like that. Everyone knows how much I love natural items and wood is one of my favorite elements. I was very busy lately so I dint write a post in quite some time but here it is.

First of all the cover is made out of actual chestnut wood but is really thin. You basically remove a see through layer from the back side and it will stick to your laptop itself.


Its made by the brand Woodsoul and you can get it on Amazon or their homepage. It feels absolutely amazing and the brand is a local brand from Berlin which I totally support.The quality is just amazing and to feel wood while using your computer is very exciting.

They only have about 5 different covers I believe but they are all made from different wood and therefore have different brown tones and wooden structures depending on what you prefer.

It’s definitely a different piece of protection and look of a cover case. Whenever I take my laptop with me somewhere I have at least 3 people coming over and commenting on how cool my laptop looks. I have different pictures because the colour changes slightly depending on the weather and light.

in case you like that as well go get yourself a laptop cover from woodsoul.

I really love mine because it adds personality to my laptop or even reflects my personality in it a bit

have a nice day



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