Me and my Blog

Welcome to my Blog Earthypatterns,

My Name is Aylin and I am focusing on Lifestyle and Art that I would like to share with people all around the world.

I am studying Media and communication In Budapest, Hungary. In this Bachelor degree I learn a lot about how people see social media and how social media can be used to benefit everyone. I want to be part of this Movement with this Blog.cropped-img_07651.jpg

My blog is mainly focusing on renewing clothing and how to style second-hand clothes as well as showing street art that I capture mo
stly in Hamburg, Germany And Budapest, Hungary.

IMG_3532I am From Germany that’s why I travel back and forth between those two countries a lot. I explore a lot of new places that i would like to share with the world and every one of you. Little pl
aces where i feel warmth and welcome strengthen
me. When i run through the cities i always find new little local stores that i love to support and i get to find new stores and Cafe`s that are worth wandering around.
I get inspired by Natural products that are part of the earth or bring me closer to my inner
self and products or art that ground me. I love coffee and enjoy

local Coffee shops with a homely touch and minimal interior design. I think Motivational quotes lift my mood and I will add some of my favorites for you to lift your mood as well. Maybe you will like it too?

Lets find out how you like my Ways of thinking and my values! Have fun exploring my Blog!

with love Aylin
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